I know you’re scared.

I know you’re scared. I was too.

You think it must be a scam. That did cross my mind too.

You’re worried you might fail. Yep. Me too.

You are afraid of the ‘pay it forward’, because you’re broke, or in debt, or just don’t trust that this isn’t just another way to get you to buy something. I get you.

You’re worried it’s just a religious thing, or not religious enough, or you’re going to get pressured or coerced to do something you don’t want to do. I didn’t actually write about that, but those things did cross my mind as well. You see, I was a Christian lay minister for 14 years, but I was also a survivor of some pretty nasty spiritual mind control stuff. So I get leery of anyone telling me they got ‘the truth’ about something.

But these people aren’t interested in telling you ‘the truth’. They’re interested in helping you find YOUR truth. Mark’s favorite saying is “the best influence is NO influence”. I didn’t find anything in the course which went against any religion, yet it certainly wasn’t shoving any religion down my throat. Most people from a religious background find that this course helps them understand the basis behind their religion so much more. I know it did with me.

If you’ve been following this blog, you know that I signed up to be a Guide for this year’s course. We’ve been doing weekly classes to help us guide you through the course. I guess I’ll get 15 people to work with.

They told us we were going to get a ‘final exam’ a few weeks ago, and I think this last Sunday was it: they sent us a bunch of sample homework assignments to look over and revise, to see if we were understanding what to do to help you.

We got one where the guy was basically in despair. There was one phrase in everything he wrote which could even be construed as slightly positive. It was heartbreaking.

So I thought, this guy’s pretty brave. Not many men would just spill like that. Then I thought, okay, let’s take that one positive phrase, encourage him on that, and see where we can take it.

Later, my staff member Dayna (we’re supervised until they are dead sure we know what we’re doing, which is wonderful) said I did good. And then she said those were real people’s first tries at finding their purpose.

Wow, I thought. I asked “what happened to that guy? Did he finish the course?”

She said, “He’s one of the guides”.

Now, you can’t be a guide unless you:

  1. finish the whole course
  2. actually are using the course (not just checking the boxes), which is easy to see in what’s going on in the person’s life: they are manifesting their dreams, making a difference in the world around them, their families, everything
  3. take the guides training and pass that

I was blown away. I tell you this to say that no matter how bad off you are, no matter how badly in debt you are, no matter how awful you feel about yourself, this will help you, assuming you do the work.

If you’re like most people and are scared to death, it’s okay. The difference between those who stay being scared and never get what they want and those who do get what they want is one thing: action. Go here, leave your email (a good one: it’s how they track scholarships), watch the videos and the Q&A session, and get in the course. They are closing it Monday night, and you need some time to get the things together you need in order to fill out the application.

Don’t wait. I don’t want you to be regretting it for the whole rest of the year that you didn’t do what you needed to do now.

Looking forward to seeing what you do on your own journey.



Never give up. Never surrender.

Anyone who’s never watched Galaxy Quest, y’all just need to repent and go watch it. 😉

It’s really a brilliant example of the Master Key process.

For those four of you in the US who never watched this show, it’s about a bunch of washed up actors from a long-canceled science fiction show with a bunch of raving fans (they’re spoofing Star Trek) who encounter a group of actual aliens who have no concept of fiction and believe that the old shows are historical documents.

The aliens come to the guy who plays the captain on the series and beg him to help their people, who are being systematically exterminated by another race.

It’s these aliens, the Thermians, that I want to talk about. These guys are awesome.

When their civilization began to come under turmoil, they were looking to change their lives. They found these “historical documents”, and found value in the things which these shows portrayed. So they decided to improve their lives by holding to the principles found there.

Not much different so far than anything else, really — people find religion, or some self-help group, or something outside themselves to help them every day. And again, when they got into really deep trouble (genocide), the Thermians went searching for the man they thought was Peter Quincy Taggart and his “crew” to help them, not knowing they were only a bunch of actors.

The thing I found really moving about this show was when the actors were clearly failing at saving the day, the Thermians stepped up to the plate. They began giving encouragement to the actors, they believed in themselves and their people, they dug deep inside to take control of their own lives. They became heroic, in the face of torture and death.

So can you. 🙂

You might not face genocide, torture, or death, but in every journey to take control of your own life, there will be dark times as you struggle to accept the call to be who you want to be. Others will doubt you. You’ll doubt yourself. But if you can drill down to what YOU really want and what YOU really need, the cool thing about this course is that you have someone to guide you and a huge group of people who are on your side.

You might have just heard about this, or you might have been following me from day 1. I don’t know. But with every journey there’s a moment when you say to yourself, “do I really want to do this?”

It all boils down to: do you want things to change or not, because if you take this class, do what they tell you, and finish it out, your life WILL have changed. You will know what you want and need in your life. You will know what you are living for, and what you’ll die for — what unique gift you have to give to the world.

Those sound like big heavy things, and they’re different for each person in the world, but once you know them, your life gets so much easier, like a weight is lifted off. Life becomes so much simpler. You can make decisions easily, because anything which doesn’t fit you, you recognize at once, and you can let it slide away.

The Thermians went for what they wanted, and they found a spectacular adventure, more peace and freedom than they could have imagined, a whole world full of friends who appreciated and valued them.

I think that’s pretty cool. 🙂

What I’ve been doing lately

For me, it almost seems as if the class hasn’t ended. Here’s why:

  • I have all these habits. When you’ve done something for months straight, you tend to keep doing them. Seeing as they’re really great habits (for example, doing what I say I’m going to do), it’s not such a bad thing.
  • I’m finding these great things to read that I overlooked before in the course. For example, this week I read Wallace Wattles’ book “The Science of Getting Rich”. Now, in week 22a, we watched/listened to the audiobook of this, but reading it in print for some reason impacted me much more. I think it’s a case of “when the student is ready, the teacher appears”, more than anything else.
  • Since I’m doing the Guide training, I still have webinars to go to and things to work on. But it’s much less intense than what we did in the 26 weeks.
  • I have made masterminds with people that I spent months with online, then got to meet in person and hang out with for a week or two! So I sort of know them, and it’s a lot of fun. I feel as if I have made friends.

So when I say that it doesn’t seem as if the class has ended, that’s a good thing! I really have enjoyed this, as tough a class as it’s been.

But what I’ve also been doing is working on my book series, more particularly, on my first novel in the series. It’s the next thing on my list to accomplish, and it’s with my editor right now (who doubles as my youngest son and has a real gift in this area), so I’m taking a break while he’s reading through it and making pages of notes (actually I don’t know how many notes, but he’s a tough customer!).

On my DMP, it’s coming out in December, and I have a boatload of things to do in the meantime. Right now, I’m taking an online course in film noir, so I can learn as much as I can about the genre and make my series really good.

Want to know more?

(shameless bragging here)

My novel’s Facebook page

Tumblr for the series

Twitter account

So no one has asked me what the tree is about yet. That’s my tree buddy, and it is on my list of Hawaii stuff to talk about eventually. 🙂

I guess getting a lot of things done is good!

Anyway, you know the drill. If you want to know the next time I post something, you can fill out one of these forms, depending on what else you want along with it. I started off with the videos, but some people really like the mental diet. Whatever you’re cool with. If you’d rather just get notified of when I post without any of the other things let me know and I can set one up with just updates too. But I happen to think the mental diet is a great way to get a head start on the course.

Hope you’re having a great summer so far and can’t wait to see you in the course!


What I did in Hawaii

Met people who I had only known online, but who had been through an incredible experience with me.

Handed my dreams to strangers.

Saw the most incredible beauty imaginable. I also saw Hawaii.

Looked into the face of a goddess.

Threw myself on the complete mercy of strangers who became friends.

Pushed my personal limits. Every day.

Hiked a lot. And I hadn’t done any hiking for years before that. And I survived. 🙂

Made a promise to a tree. I always keep my promises.

Had my eyes opened.

Learned more than I have yet been able to process.

Each of these (and more) could — and probably will be — an entire post! I’m not sure how so much ended up being jammed into three weeks. If you’re on Facebook, I have many of my photos on there, if you want to look at them. Just shoot me a friend request.



A wish that came true

During the MKMMA course, we had to write something called a DMP, or Definite Major Purpose: basically answering the question WHAT DO YOU WANT? Mine got sent back over and over because I wasn’t being very specific. But on the third draft (dated October 5, 2014) I wrote in there that I wanted to go to Hawaii in 2015.


I had wanted to visit Hawaii for most of my life, because I kept hearing about how awesome it was. But I really considered it more seriously than a passing fancy when on a visit to California (where we were from) my best friend Celia told me her son Tyree (who was going to school there) would be graduating in 2015 and would I like to come too?

And I was like GREAT! AWESOME!

But I didn’t seriously feel like I was going. I didn’t keep my word a lot those days.

There are a few things you might want to know:

We drove to California from Oklahoma back in 2013 because I was so paranoid of the TSA. I had publicly and actively boycotted flying, speaking out against what was going on, and I didn’t even know if I was on some list or something. I am an abuse survivor, and the thought of some stranger touching me was like a phobia. At one point I couldn’t even read stories of TSA abuses because they would make me feel physically ill. The whole part about private jets and cruises (although those would be awesome) was my way to figure out how I could possibly go without having to deal with the TSA.

Even if I could have made myself go through a TSA line back then, I had no idea how I was going to pay to go to Hawaii. My husband doesn’t like traveling and while he might have paid for me to go, I didn’t know if it would be possible for us. At that time, my own finances weren’t doing too badly but I was later to take a series of financial missteps which put me into serious debt for the first time ever.

And although I had known Tyree since he was in second grade (his younger brother and my sons went to kindergarten together and they lived right around the corner) I didn’t actually know him all that well. So at the time the only thing sending me there was the prospect of hanging out with my friends for a week (which was pretty cool).

But doing the MKMMA forced me to decide WHAT DO I WANT, and I wanted to go to Hawaii. As it turned out, I got a TON more things done in that trip, which I’ll talk about more later. But going to Hawaii was not only something I had wanted to do for a long time, it was the first thing that they were actually able to drag out of me as a specific thing I WANTED TO DO, as opposed to what others might want, stuff for my husband/kids/etc.

Isn’t it weird how women are? LOL

So that gives some context into this photo:


How did I get there? How did I not only go, but have a great time, absolutely zero trouble with airport security, and meet some dear friends along the way?

Well, it’s sort of like Sam’s dilemma. How do you explain nine months of effort, involving danger, fear, and victories? It would be easier for you to look at the information in the tabs above, then take the course and retrain your own subby (plus more fair to those who created it and those who took it) than for me to explain the whole thing. You  also could read what I’ve written so far. But it’s really a change inside which all this guidance, training, and mental effort produced that did it for me, and that’s something which WILL happen if you do the work.

I admit I slacked off some there at the end, but even so it’s been enough to get me through. I have a lot more specific things that I have discovered along the way that I want to do, and I am really excited because I know now that I can do them!

But really it began with the Mental Diet for me. That’s why I keep going on about it. You can save yourself some time and do it now while you’re waiting, instead of waiting until whenever they introduce it after the course starts (which won’t be for a while). But it’s up to you. 🙂

Just fill out the form and follow the directions. I don’t have time to spam people, so it’s all cool.

Decided to do something positive

So yesterday I wasn’t feeling all that great, so I decided to do something positive and useful, like move forward on my DMP.

So I made these up for my novel series, the first of which is coming out in December, because I said so:

I still have to finish off my website, but I have a domain name and a template picked out for now. Have a few other things which are a bit more important to get done today.

But honestly, things are okay. I’m still a bit in shock from the news yesterday.

I do have a lot of good things to tell you about, but I promised myself that I would get to bed on time today, so I’ll write more tomorrow.

Week 7: seeing more clearly

This week we’ve been doing a whole lot of things: making a recording of our DMP and various tasks, doing a “mental diet”, and of course, part 7.

Part 7 is very interesting because to me it lays out pretty clearly how to do this whole manifestation thing. I was able to make more improvements to my diagram and it seems as if I can understand things much better.

The basic idea is that the Law of Attraction works for everyone! You think about something, then your subby brings it to you. If you think about debt, fear, loss (as in worrying all the time), sickness, and death, then that’s what you’ll get. If you think about wealth, peace, abundance, health, and life, you’ll get that too.

It’s all about what you think of and picture in your life. Just as an architect pictures what he or she wants to build, then draws the blueprints, then creates the building, we picture in our minds first before our subby draws the blueprints and creates what we’ve been thinking of.

Each repeated [thought] renders the image more clear and accurate than the preceding, and in proportion to the clearness and accuracy of the image will the outward manifestation  be.

All you have to do to change your life is to change what you think about. This is what we’ve been working on this week.