I haven’t forgotten you …

I’ve just been seriously busy getting ready for my “bucket list” trip to Hawaii!

Amazing, right? I have always wanted to go there, and my friends’ son is going to college there, and he’s graduating in May. If that wasn’t good enough, the MKMMA and Go90Grow live events are right before that! So I’m going to be taking three weeks and having a really great time … so I have to get my multiple businesses ready for me to be gone that long!!

So I have been writing, and probably a lot more than 500 words a day. Here are a few of the things I’ve done since I was last here …

Your Spring Garden

Your Fall Garden

Edible Massachusetts Landscaping

Plus I have a bunch of weekly newsletters to write and schedule. Four down, three to go. 🙂

Plus social media stuff, household stuff, and a garden, and my rabbit to take care of, plus household projects, writing/editing my novel which is coming out in December … I always have things going on. 😉

Back on topic: what have I been learning? What have I been doing (other than writing)?

I’ve had some incredible experiences, which are sort of personal, but they have shown me that I do have the power to change myself, both inside and outside. I’ve had one thing happen that I never thought would, and it’s one of those “rock your world” things that I may share someday but not yet.

Lots of love.


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    Okay, everyone, ready, get set, go! Let’s get in line behind Patty. She’s obviously had the blessing of a “Happy Knack Attack,” so, it behooves us all to add to the wake of her streamlined, dynamic flow!!!!

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