Week 1 – intro

While it is week 1, we haven’t had our webinar yet (which is tomorrow) so I don’t feel as if this has really started. There was a bit of an introductory video and things to download and work on, mostly reading, but we also had to sit for 15 minutes.

Now this isn’t totally unfamiliar to me, having read Meeting Faith (which is the memoir of an American woman who becomes a Buddhist nun), which talks quite a lot about her experiences with meditation. But I found just sitting for 15 minutes difficult. It sounds silly but it really was hard. I was bored, I was worried someone would need something, I felt as if I was going to sneeze, my back hurt.

(I can see now why people who do this all the time – yogis and such – have such nice posture. Otherwise it does hurt to sit still like that if you just slouch.)

We’re also supposed to figure out what we really want and write it down. The webinar tomorrow is supposed to explain this more.