Week 11: I hear that train a-comin’

The question I had to face this week was: if I’ve been doing all this manifesting stuff right for the past year or so, why am I still not getting everything I want? Haanel has the answer:

“… while every effect is the result of a cause, the effect in turn becomes a cause, which create other effects, which in turn create still other causes; so that when you put the law of attraction into operation you must remember that you are starting a train of causation for good or otherwise which may have endless possibilities.”

In other words, the things you are getting right now are things which you (or if you’re a baby, dog, or other creature without agency, someone else) started manifesting a LONG time ago, just as a train doesn’t just appear on the tracks but has to be created and moved to where you are, and you’re not getting a train going anywhere from a dead stop in a hurry. It usually takes at least a little time. And conversely, the things you’re manifesting now will also take some time to get going depending on what they are and whether you may have the brakes on. 🙂

I have had a problem with being addicted to scarcity. I grew up rich as a child then my parents lost everything and it took a long time for them to get back to a good place financially, and then my father died and we were poor again. Then it took a really long time to get my career going (making more than I could ever imagine), and then I had a nervous breakdown.

I feel as if my old blueprint is set up to say ‘If you become wealthy it only brings you pain, loss, stress, and illness.’

I’ve talked about this before, and yet this week here I was again with that old demon. I wanted to manifest success in my business and it has seemed as if all I get is resistance at every turn.563121_630170500357775_1390384717_n

Then this popped up in my Facebook feed. And it hit me like … like someone slapped me in the face.

I have marked myself down.

Even now, I feel emotional at writing it.

I do feel as if I’m not being treated with love and respect.

But I really have a dilemma, because this business is everything I have ever wanted. It’s smack in the middle of my DMP. It – theoretically – meets both my PPNs. It’s been a passion of mine for decades. It’s my ticket to the dream of my life. It’s one of the things I want to be remembered for.

Do I just walk away? Or do I sidestep the rock there on the beach and keep going?

Anyway, I don’t have to decide any major business things today. But what I did do is to sign up for a course about upping your game in your business, which just so happened to be in the same place and a few days after a major venue to sell my book at which I’ve been looking at going to for months.

So I’m getting the feeling that the universe is nudging me along. Maybe it’s not the business. Maybe it’s the people I put on the damn train.

I already made the decision to set up an environment where the ones who won’t behave will kick themselves out, and if they don’t, I’m fully prepared to kick them out of the train myself.

But I feel as if I need to change me as well. I need to get off that clearance rack, the kiddie track, stop discounting, stop pricing my products to feed into the scarcity mindset that the whole rest of the world has. That’s the opposite of why I started the business in the first place.

I keep thinking of this quote from Og Mandino, which I’ll just leave here:

I was not delivered into this world in defeat, nor does failure course in my veins. I am not a sheep waiting to be prodded by my shepherd. I am a lioness and I refuse to talk, to walk, to sleep with the sheep. I hear not those who weep and complain, for their disease is contagious. Let them join the sheep. The slaughterhouse of failure is not my destiny.



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  1. Jean

    I think it’s interesting the business course was available at a serendipitous time for your trip. That may or may not mean your current business is right for you in the future, but I’ll bet the course is just what you need to take whatever the next step is for you.

    When you’re first building a business, it’s easy to just grab whatever people you can and later realize some of them may not have been the best fit — either you to them or them to you.

    Time will tell. Definitely take yourself off the bargain rack if that’s where you’ve found yourself and get yourself behind the protective glass for valuable commodities.

    1. mkmma_pattyloof (Post author)

      Thanks :’)

  2. Marj Bernstrom

    I love the quote/picture. You definitely have allot to offer. Let those folks show they have no value (ticket) on your train!
    Marj Bernstrom recently posted…Week 11- Making Progress??? Or Hitting the Proverbial Wall.My Profile

    1. mkmma_pattyloof (Post author)

      Thank you 🙂

  3. Latasha Dale

    Would you believe the Og quote you posted above is going to be the one I record in my journal when we begin reading the Scroll Marked 4. So, what does that tell you? Great minds really do think alike. 🙂

    1. mkmma_pattyloof (Post author)

      You know it! 😉

  4. Tina U

    The part you mentioned about resistance with wealth. It makes me think of those who think it is spiritual to be in poverty. If they do gain money then they feel guilty. I’m glad you recognize it and taking action. Sending positive vibes your way always 🙂

    1. mkmma_pattyloof (Post author)

      Thanks 😀

      It’s true! That’s why people who win the lottery statistically end up WORSE than when they won the money. Their old blueprint won’t let them have it and will punish them for getting it. We have to change the blueprint!

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