Week 22: if you want something done …

I had forgotten which week the Silence was, but when Mark J said this was the week I got right on it – booked a hotel room, and went quiet from Monday afternoon to just a bit ago today. It was good.

But while I was keeping quiet, I thought of all the things which have been going on lately in my life. As it turns out, I’ve met another goal on my DMP, although not exactly the way I had planned to: I wanted a certain amount of money by a certain date, but while I thought I had specified where this was coming from, subby interpreted what I wrote in an equally legitimate way! And the money arrived. 🙂

Now I feel, though, as if it’s time to get serious.

Check out this Google search:


(I find that last one amusing)

But really, when it boils down to it, the best way to get something done is to have subby do it.

Last week, I was thinking “the floor needs scrubbing” – and I go out not ten minutes later and my son is working on it. He got the idea and motivation to do it and he gets up and down a lot easier than I do, and so it was done.

(as it turned out he only did part of it but the whole process amazed me)

It puts a new twist on the whole matter of doing things, because sometimes we stress and strain yet we might not even be the right person to do the job. We don’t know. But subby does know, and if we will just say what we want with enough precision, using emotion and enthusiasm, it will use the proper people and methods to get the job done. We just have to get all the voices out telling us we can’t do it out of the way.

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  1. Shelby

    Just ask subby! Love it!

    1. mkmma_pattyloof (Post author)


  2. Jean

    I’ve been doing middday sits for up to an hour at a time (a big deal for me, since 15 minutes has usually been a struggle). Monday, The Voice said, “Awesome” followed by “Thank you.” I still want to know how I impressed The Voice so, but it’s enough to know it was impressed.

    I have used this week to accomplish yard work and household tasks that had been delayed, and I was able to use the Silence during those tasks, too.

    And I love how quickly my mind settled once it absorbed the Bombshell of the silence. My MMA and I quickly worked a plan and are working the plan. I laughed at the immediate flurry of disquiet in the Universe. And this month’s Scroll has me laughing at every turn. Guess I better get control of those emotions.

    1. mkmma_pattyloof (Post author)


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