Week 3: refusing the call

Being a Master Key Experience guide gives me a unique perspective on the course. Not only am I doing the course again with the members (and getting new insights on my own) but I’m watching fifteen people make – or not make – their own Hero journeys.

Every hero refuses the call at first. That refusal can be anything:

  • procrastination to the point where they miss the application deadline (about 400 people did that),
  • confusion to the point where they don’t do any of the work and are eventually asked to leave,
  • defensiveness: refusal to get help when they clearly need it or arguing when they do get some,
  • manifesting obstacles,
  • all the way to downright saying “I’m out”.

These are people who are simply being asked to answer the question: what do you want?

As far as I know no one has been actually asked to leave yet in the over 600 people enrolled, but I’m sure there will be some fireworks to come. 🙂

What is refusing the call about? Fear.

It’s interesting that Haanel spends most of part 3 talking about fear, since so much of it is coming out right about now. The solution for it is expressed best in the week 3 study questions:

How may fear be completely eliminated?

By an understanding and recognition of the true source of all power.

I feel like these first few weeks are the most difficult of the course … like weeks 2-6. In week 1, you’re all pumped up, ready for anything. Then it sort of stops being so exciting and fun and begins to feel like work. Lots of stuff to do but maybe not so much happening yet. I remember those days very well.

But then once you accept the call, step across into the unknown, you begin to ‘get it’ – the light bulb turns on, you start seeing what this is really all about and it becomes much easier.

Some people are beginning to get it even now: the realization that YOU can change your life, that YOU have power, not because “you’re being your own god” as some ignorant person put on Facebook, but because God/The Universe/whatever is IN YOU, is directly connected to your subconscious mind, and you have the ability to communicate directly to that Power.

Every religious figure and most philosophers have said this over the past 6000 years, but people still want to cling to the old blueprint that tells them some authority figure or organization or society needs to tell them what to do and think in order to be okay instead of relying on the power within them like their own religious books tell them to do. It would be funny if it weren’t so sad.

But I’m seeing some amazing breakthroughs as people do the work and really wrestle with these questions on their own. It’s truly exciting to see what can happen when you stop refusing the call.

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  1. Jean

    I refused the call in my journal all the way until the Sunday before the opportunity closed for the year.(I was against the war before I was for it, or something like that.) The timing was bad (but it was never going to get any better). I didn’t want or need the stuff being touted (I already had most of it, but I wanted other things I could use the course to get).

    Yes, the timing was bad, but I’ve had no trouble integrating the course into my life during this month of complete travel (I have two days of lull before I’m off to the races again). Tenacity has always been a strong point for me.

    What I needed to learn to deal with was a fear of the inevitable future even as it looms large (declining health of husband and parents, and, eventually, my own). Week 3 has been such a help. Fearless. That is my decision. Everything else works out.

    I have a few other things I’m working on, but that’s the big one. The one I saw the possibility for when I was reading your blog last year and as you talked about the opportunity this year.

    I learned much of this material 30 years ago via another venue, but I wasn’t comfortable with the vehicle. Now, I have my own vehicle, and this is coming at the right time for me.

    I more fully understand the Air Force Recruiting School’s use of the chant, “Boy, am I enthusiastic!” before and after every break. They were infusing enthusiasm into the Subby of their new recruiters. Maybe we could have used some of that in Instructor School instead of mocking the recruiters-in-training. Water under the bridge. I’m learning now.
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    1. mkmma_pattyloof (Post author)

      Live and learn!

      Yes. Fearless is huge. Still not entirely there yet but oh well. LOL

      Thanks for stopping by! I’m glad you’re finding this useful.

  2. Suzanne

    Hi Patty,

    I enjoyed reading your posts, and this week’s post on fear really hit home. In the recent past I might given in to fear, possibly without giving it a second thought. Avoiding fear is the path of least resistance.

    To stand up and face fear means to face myself… what are the thoughts that create the fear? Awareness brings options and can open up a whole new world. The path of the Hero’s journey.

    1. mkmma_pattyloof (Post author)

      True. Thanks for reading. 🙂

  3. John Laudenslager

    Patti, I am in for the 3rd time myself. The first time I finished but didn’t dig as much as I could. I was hampered by my ego. The second time was fraught with personal tragedy. After last evenings webcast i quit giving 80% and got up to 100%. Your blog was dead on the money. I am living proof Kudos to you for an excellent piece .


    1. mkmma_pattyloof (Post author)


  4. Marj Bernstrom

    I sat with you during the Kauai adventure one day. I was resisting my “yellow-ness” at the time, and saw in you such joy, being who you are! What a great post. I am “getting it!”

    1. mkmma_pattyloof (Post author)

      Aww! Thanks 😀

      You know, for a long time I resisted being yellow. I came from an abusive childhood and never had a chance to play even if I knew how to (which I didn’t). But there it is! It’s who I am. 😉

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