Typical for me, I haven’t even started this yet and I’m worrying about it.

Like what if I fail at this? I have a rather serious condition which causes memory issues. What if I forget to do the work and I get kicked out, after everything? That would be the perfect way for me to sabotage myself yet again.

My husband’s concerns are more along the lines of wondering if this is some sort of elaborate scam. (I have been scammed before by programs which promised yet didn’t deliver, so it’s not a unworthy fear)

But one thing I appreciate about him is that he never says “you can’t do this”. 🙂

Just the fact that I’m trying something new makes me feel like it’s worth it. I’ve been stuck in woe-is-me land for a while now and stopping the insanity of doing the same thing over and over and getting no results is refreshing, and has got me doing a few other new things unrelated to this program, which is promising overall.